Ed's Favorite Airplanes

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...Some I'd like to fly
.......Some I'd like to own, seriously, now
.........Most I'll just have to admire
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F1 Evo Rocket
Van's RV-3
Druine Turbulent
Van's RV-8A

Fun to fly

I've flown two of these, but read imagination-inspiring tales of the others. "If God had intended man to fly, He would have given him a great deal more money."

Bede BD-5
Republic Rainbow

Serious Contenders

Three we've owned now, one a-buildin', and one that flunked inspection.Two for going places seriously, three for going nowhere just for fun. A century ago, we'd have none of these options. Aren't we blessed?

Corby Starlet
Cessna 175
RV-10 tail cone
My old RV-4
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Other Contenders

Van's RV-9A, RV-6/6A/7A, RV-8/8A -- great airplanes, but won't carry us and the black Lab
Piper Twin Comanche -- if I needed a"real" airplane
Pitts S-1C/S-1S -- still might happen
GlaStar Sportsman 2+2 -- nosewheel, tailwheel, or floats, your choice, a nice flying plane